Jude Equipment Pvt Ltd, One of the India’s Leading Digital Bathroom Scales Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporters in Chennai, TAMIL NADU. We Offers Excellent Quality Digital Pocket Hanging Scales With Excellent Quality and Best Price Offers. Digital Pocket Hanging weight scale - A tiny cute gadget for daily use. Such a small gadget could load weighing up to 40 kilograms.

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It is a useful tool indeed that can be used all around in daily life. All Our Digital Pocket Hanging Scales are SUITABLE FOR Agriculture and Farming, fishing excursions, fishing necessary, seafood farms.  farmers' markets, home weighed, high-end gifts, Courier, Courier companies, Construction Industry, Food and Beverage, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Mining and Aggregates, Other Industries, Post, Mail and Shipping, Transport and Logistics, Rice Mandy, Waste and Recycling etc.,



A1 – 101 40 Kg 5 gm

Digital Pocket Hanging Scale Features

With fine craftsmanship, it is premium and durable enough for long time use 

Suitable for your kitchen and daily diet designing

Wide LCD screen display, easy to read 

Low power consumption, Low battery

Attractive appearance

Accurate & Fast Weighing

Easy to Carry & Weigh Anywhere

Light Weight Battery Operated Scale

Sleek & Compact Designed

Economic Pricings

Low Power Consumption

Ideal Usage for frequent Travelers, Shop, Godown etc

Digital Pocket Hanging Scale Specifications

Item Condition: 100% Brand New.     

Accuracy: 5g    

Min Weighting: 20g    

Man Weighting: 50Kg    

Dimension: 10cm x 6.2cm x 2.0cm    

Screen Display: LCD Display with backlight.     

Battery: 2 x AAA Battery. (For Safety Reason of Shipping, Battery Not Included)    

Auto Power Off save energy: Not used in 120 seconds, will turn off automatically.    

3 Button Setting: Unit Button, Power Button, Tare Button    

Power Button for switching on/off and locking functions    

TARE Button for removing tare and choosing locking functions    

UNIT Button for changing weight unit from kg>lb>JIN>oz>Kg>lb...    

High Quality 50Kg / 10g Digital Pocket Hanging Scale, Portable and easy for use.


Digital Pocket Hanging Scales are of made up with  ABS plastic parts, precision sensor with a buzzer tone, blue backlit select product lines smooth, rugged, compact, portable, versatile, weight units kg / lb / jin / oz convertible. Weighing automatic locking, easy to read 30 seconds will automatically shut down to protect the battery, making it last longer. Digital Pocket Hanging Scales are used in fishing excursions, fishing necessary, seafood farms, farmers markets, home weighed, high-end gifts, courier, courier companies 


Digital Pocket Hanging Scales - Key Description:

1, POWER: on / off key: Press to power on / off 

2, UNIT: unit conversion key: Press, units between kg, lb, Jin and oz conversion 

3, TARE: TARE key / clear key / digital lock to open the key: Press 


Digital Pocket Hanging Scales - Instruction manual 


1, open the back cover, the battery is properly installed, press the "POWER" button, the screen displays "8888" after 2 seconds boot, the screen displayed by default 0.00kg; 

 2. Press "UNIT" key allows weighing units between kg, lb, Jin and oz conversion, select the weighing unit to be used for their own; 


Range / sub-scale: 0 to 10 kg / 5 g; 10 to 40 kg / 10 g 

Unit: kg lb oz 

LCD video Size: 33 × 20 

Blue backlight display 

Clear Function 

Automatic shutdown 

Optional locking and non-locking 

Overload Tips 

Low Voltage Tips 

Power supply: 2 1.5V 7 # batteries (without batteries) 

Unit conversion: kg, lb, oz, 


Product size: 170 × 75 × 23 

Box size: 173 × 102 × 29 

Carton size: 530 × 320 × 365 

Quantity / pieces: 100 

Weight: 16 kg 

Weight: 17 kg 

Power: 2X1.5V Battery 

Colors: four colors to choose (black, orange, blue, silver), can be mixed 



Power : Digital Pocket hanging Scales in a vertical state, press "ON / OFF" key to boot, boot prompt the buzzer sound, about two seconds after the display shows "0.0 or 0.00", this time to complete initialization portable scales into weighing state. 


Peeled / ZERO : When using containers weighing bulk items, the first container can be placed on the scale, press "TARE" button to zero before loading goods weighing, net weight items can be obtained. 

Weigh : After stabilizing the items linked to the scale on the scale. 

The maximum weight of the item must not exceed "maximum weighing + 9d" (40kg d = 10g) 

When weighing, when the article does not change the weight is stable, the weight value will be locked automatically when the locking unit will stop flashing. Please press "TARE" key to exit the locked state reply weighing state. 

Unit Conversion :

Press "UNIT" button, electronic scales in kg (kilograms), lb (pound), jin (jin), cyclic conversion (1kg = 2.2lb = 2jin = 35oz) between oz (ounces) of four units. 


Press the "ON / OFF" button shutdown. 

Digital Pocket Hanging Scales within 120 seconds without any operation will automatically shut down. 

Backlight :

Backlight lights in the process without any key operation or change operation, the approximately five seconds after the backlight turns off, press any key or instantly change the weight to trigger the backlight lights. 



Digital Pocket Hanging Scales Precautions:


1. Each POST, Pocket hanging scales should be in the vertical direction. 

2. Please hand the rings or additional aids weighing on the rings, do not hand shell weighing, otherwise it will lead to the weighing display error exceeded. 

3. Should be used to avoid violent collision and impact. 

4. Portable electronic scales shell is made of ABS plastic, use a soft cloth to wipe clean the water or detergent, prohibited the use of benzene, nitro solvent, liquid caustic soda and other corrosive substances for cleaning. 

5. if the display power shortage "Lo", please change the batteries. If long-term use of electronic scales, remove the batteries to avoid damage due to battery leakage circuit. 

6. such as non-human failure, returned to the company or the company designated repair point to repair, do not disassemble 

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